Gulf Shadows dearest clients ,

Thank you for reading our advice . Last month Intel as we have expected in our advice , sitting on piles of G2030 . I3 3220 ,i3 3240 . however, what  we did not expect is that they

stopped releasing all haswelll cpu to push the remaining sandy bridge stocks . that was a first  for sure . the question now is whats next ?

I personally do not think that Intel move was wise .. i think that their production lines are still producing the G3220 and I3 4150 in large qty that is stored in their warehouses.

suddenly they will stop the pouring of the sandy and open the warehouses for huge thirsty market dumping them with larger than they can handle . usually end of year holidays

make everything slow and stock flows very difficult . i think that we are safe in prices till first week of January . in both Sandy and haswell . and i think it could be a chance to make

some money in both if you manage to arrange it . also i expect in January sandy bridge will be in shortage ,even though its a long shot :) .

Gulf Shadows this month is introducing tray G3250 , Tray I3 4130 both at very good prices . I think that you should consider them . we do have also box i3 4150 in small qty .

May allah be with you and see in You in January ….