Galaxy Introduced the GTX980 HOF version, the highest boost clock in the world with 1418Mhz. non of other top GPU manufacturers(Asus, GBT, MSI) were able to reach this mark The card is on sales this week from our HQ in Dubai.

Galax continue to shift their brand name under the new Gaming Thim GALAX “WHATS YOUR GAME” . the site is providing lot of information and expected to be a kick off portal for GAMERS in the future.

GPU prices still holding prices up due to memory supply as well as high seasonality in Q4. our best selling cards are 5450 from Power color and Sapphire, followed by GALAX 210 and 610, on mainstream and High end GALAX is number one by far due to increased demand on the 970/980 SOC, SET AND HOF versions.