Dear Gulf Shadows Clients ,

During November we have started doing new releases like I3 4150 instead of I3 4130 . G3240 to be replacing G3220 . so try to be careful not to stock both 4130 OR G3220

as you never  know when exactly 4150 and 4130 will be  same price  . and then the vendor will make a special support to clear the stock reducing the price of G3220 and I3 4153 (could happen if Intel has large stock only !!) .

as for the sandy bridge , clearly the distributors are allocating more than the market need from Intel . I can sense that Intel monthly drops seems to be limitless . I dont see

that the supply will be less than the demand that is dying already . again be careful from the stock of any sandy bridge . the demand will shut down suddenly and stock will still be there.

however g2020 seems to be cleared out by Intel . and remaining is G2030 .I3 3220 – i3 3240  and very very limited stocks of 1620 .

we are approaching Christmas demand outside . but also we are approaching end of Chinese new year as well after that .demand is not as it should be in the far east !!!

clearly the H61 mainboards are filling the warehouses of the vendors …soon clearance prices will be dominant . affecting the sales of Haswell CPU . clearly we are still

living in the sandy bridge era ….

finally i don’t personally advice any stock over 2 weeks need . I don’t see any investment chance in over stocking any model….Cautious is the title of November !!!